Available In-Game Commands
(under construction!)
/tphelp – Shows help
/tp - shows Teleportation GUI (TP, Homes & Warp locations)
/home add NAME – Saves your current position as the location NAME
/home list – Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved
/home remove NAME – Removes the location NAME from your saved homes
/home NAME – Teleports you to the home location
/tpr – Sends a teleport request to the player
/tpa – Accepts an incoming teleport request
Rust Kits
/kit — choose a kit Or choose from GUI
Remover Tool
/remove — enables the remover tool to allow you to remove any deployables or building parts
BGrade - Build with selected Grade
/bgrade - Help /bgrade 1 — Enable automatic Wood upgrades
/bgrade 2 — Enable automatic Stone upgrades
/bgrade 3 — Enable automatic Metal upgrades
/bgrade 4 — Enable automatic Armoured upgrades
Building Grades
/up [grade] [filter] — Upgrade each block which is attached to the building you are looking at by one grade or to selected grade
/down [grade] [filter] — Downgrade each block which is attached to the building you are looking at by one grade or to selected grade Grades
Twigs or 0 Wood or 1 Stone or 2 Metal or 3 TopTier or 4
Auto Doors
/ad — Disable doors automatically closing for player
/ad # — Set automatic door closing delay for player
Clans, Friends & Clans UI
/cmenu - Opens the menu
/a - chat to allied members
/clan - the clan overview
/clan help | /clanhelp - shows the help
/clan ally | /clanally - shows the ally options (owner or council)
c - clan chat
/cinfo - info about other clans
/cff - toggles players ff status
/aff - Toggles alliance FF
/friend To Add / Remove friends", /fmenu To Add / Remove friends using UI",
Player Ranks
/pr — Display GUI for the various stat pages
/pr tops Player Rankings
Server Shop / Rewards
/shop to see our store and spend your Uprising Bucks!
Private Messages / Chat
/pm — send a private message to player
/r — reply to your most recent private message
/ignore — Ignore Help
/ignore — Add target player to your Ignore list
Raid Tracker Info
/rt stats on the number of offline and online raids
Server Rules
/rules to check the server Rules
Auto CodeLocks (VIP Only)
/codelock access to the code lock tool
Sign Artist (VIP Only)
/sil Help
/sil upload images from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at
/silt [/] [/] [/] Generate image with the given text and optional fontsize, color, bgcolor to be displayed on the sign you are currently looking at
Trade Tool
/trade Trade in-game items with other players remotley
/trade "partial or full player name" Send a trade request to specified player
/trade accept Accept the most recent trade request
SkinBox (VIP Only)
/skinbox Opens the skin box GUI to allow you reskin your items in inventory
Info Panel
/ipanel Show the available commands
/ipanel hide Hide the Info Panel
/ipanel show Show the Info Panel
/ipanel clock game The clock will show the in-game time
/ipanel clock server / The clock will show the RL time. You can add or remove hours
/ipanel timeformat Show the available time formats
/ipanel timeformat Select your favorite time format from the list
Pick you HEX color here for the /color perk!