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Server Wipes every other Thursday and Monthly BP Wipes!

Weekly Server Wipes on Thursdays and Monthly BP Wipes!

Server Wipes Weekly on Thursdays and Monthly BP Wipes!

Server Wipes Monthly on Forced Wipe Days Only incl. BPs!

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In order to offer a social environment for our players, we use Discord to connect with the community.
This also allows us to answer any questions and solve any issues that may occur.


Uprising Servers is an independent operation.
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PLEASE NOTE: You may use the kit right after puchase and then every 48hrs!

All VIP packages are good for LIFE!

Once payment completed use the following to claim ViP in-game: /claim [paypal email address]

You can buy more then one Kit, but only one of each level!

You might also buy a ViP kit for your fiend, just buy it and give them your paypal email address to claim it
Note: If you don't want to reveal your email address to them, reach out to TheDoc on Discord and I can change it to whatever you desire.
All VIP Packages are subject to change without Notice! This happens very infrequent.
The VIP Packages are different from server to server in the amount of resources that you get!

We Offer 10% Discount to out Military / Police / Fire man!
Join our Discord and DM TheDoc for details.
Thank you for your Service!

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