Vanilla 2x Server VIP PACKAGES
Uprising Servers is an independent operation.
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All VIP packages are good for LIFE!

Once payment completed use the following to claim ViP in-game: /claim [paypal email address]

You can buy more then one Kit, but only one of each level!
You might also buy a ViP kit for your Friend, just buy it and give them your paypal email address to claim it in-game
Note: If you don't want to reveal your email address to them, reach out to TheDoc on Discord and I can change it to whatever you desire.
All VIP Packages are subject to change without Notice! This happens very infrequently.

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Pick you HEX color here for the /color perk!
This ViP pack allows you to Skip Queue and Have a Fancy Colored Name in-game

/color [HEX color] - change your in-game name color
/color gradient [HEX color1] [HEX color2]... - change your in-game name color to multi colors. Min 2 colors required.
/color random - changes your name color to random

Show Your Support for the Server and help with the ongoing Costs. Thank You!

This will allow you to load custom images to signs from a remote URL.

/sil [url] - Upload image from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at.
/silt [message] [fontsize: number] [color: hex value] [bgcolor: hex value] - Uploads generated image with the given text and optional fontsize, color, bgcolor to be displayed on the sign you are currently looking at.

This will allow you gain access to reskin tool and allow you to reskin items in-game that have other skins. (Attire, Tools, Weapons & Deployables).

/skin - opens up a box with available skins, just drag and drop target item into it to see the skins
This works on deployables, clothing, tools and weapons!(no need to purchase the skins from Steam)