Pure Vanilla Server VIP PACKAGE
Uprising Servers is an independent operation.
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PLEASE NOTE: You may use the kit after a Wipe and then every 48hrs!

All VIP packages are good for LIFE!

Once payment completed use the following to claim ViP in-game: /claim [paypal email address]

You can buy a ViP kit for your fiend, just buy it and give them your paypal email address to claim it in-game
Note: If you don't want to reveal your email address to them, reach out to TheDoc on Discord and I can change it to whatever you desire.
All VIP Packages are subject to change without Notice! This happens very infrequent.

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Pick you HEX color here for the /color perk!

This only allows you to Skip Queue and Have a Fancy Colored Name in-game

Use /color to choose your desired color

Use /sil to upload art to your signs

And Support the Server with the ongoing Costs! Thank You!